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iBRoad is a new project funded by the Horizon 2020 European programme, aimed at exploring, designing, developing and demonstrating the concept of individual Building Renovation Roadmaps. With 12 partners from 9 countries, it kicked off on 3-4 July 2017 in Greece. With the innovative approach proposed, the project aims to become a real driver for deep renovation. Representing an evolution of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and energy audit systems, building renovation roadmaps will serve as a tool outlining a customised renovation plan with a long-term horizon for deep step-by-step renovation of individual buildings (iBRoad-Plan), combined with a repository of building-related information (logbook, iBRoad-Log).

iBRoad is a consumer-tailored project as it strongly supports building owners in step-by-step deep renovations, removing barriers and lock-in effects. Energy auditors and end-users will be empowered with knowledge and experience of deep renovation in individual buildings. Public authorities will be provided with real-life studies and analysis supporting deep renovation, both for individual buildings and as a long-term national strategy, thus increasing the renovation rate and depth across the EU.

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iBRoad News

2019-06-24 / News

H2020 projects cluster event: united for better performing buildings

Five European projects, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme (ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad and TripleA-reno), have joined forces and collaborate...
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2019-06-14 / News

iBRoad in the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019

The Horizon 2020-funded projects ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad and TripleA-reno have joined forces and collaborate as a cluster to emphasise...
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2019-04-15 / Report

The iBRoad training toolkit

The iBRoad Renovation Roadmap and Logbook are subjected to field testing in the pilot countries, Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal. By...
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2019-04-12 / Report

iBRoad Handbook for Energy Auditors

Building renovation is often considered a burden usually associated with time-consuming planning, uncertainty about the costs and value of the...
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2019-04-12 / Report

National adaptation of the iBRoad concept in five countries.

The report considers the national adaptation of the iBRoad concept in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Flanders and Germany, by analysing specific...
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2019-04-05 / News

iBRoad project Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

The third annual Project Meeting of the iBRoad project was held in Sofia, on April 1 and 2, with the...
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