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2019-06-24 / News

H2020 projects cluster event: united for better performing buildings

Five European projects, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme (ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad and TripleA-reno), have joined forces and collaborate...
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2019-06-14 / News

iBRoad in the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019

The Horizon 2020-funded projects ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad and TripleA-reno have joined forces and collaborate as a cluster to emphasise...
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2019-04-05 / News

iBRoad project Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

The third annual Project Meeting of the iBRoad project was held in Sofia, on April 1 and 2, with the...
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2019-03-07 / News

iBRoad webinar hosted by BUILD UP, available on demand

The iBRoad project and its vision and practice for the Building Renovation Passports were presented in our webinar in collaboration with...
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2019-02-21 / News

iBRoad webinar hosted by BUILD UP

The iBRoad project is working on the concept of Building Renovation Passports combining an individual building renovation roadmap (iBRoad-Plan; a step-by-step renovation...
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2019-01-30 / News

Synergies between the five H2020 ongoing projects ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad, TripleA-reno

The Horizon 2020 - funded projects ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad and TripleA-reno are proud to announce a new collaboration around...
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2018-06-28 / News

1 Year of iBRoad

One year has passed since the iBRoad kick-off meeting in Athens in July 2017 and we take this opportunity to...
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2018-06-25 / News

1st round of physical Stakeholders’ Meetings completed

The 1st round of the iBRoad stakeholders’ meetings came to an end with a physical gathering of Portuguese stakeholders in...
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2018-02-20 / News

iBRoad Stakeholders’ Meetings

The iBRoad project works on lifting barriers to energy renovation by developing an Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single-family houses....
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2018-02-05 / News

iBRoad in Expérience P2E event: first results of the “Passeport Efficacité Énergétique” (French building passport) tests

This event in Paris, France, at the 8th of February, will present the results of the first year of the tests led by...
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2017-09-29 / News

Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps as real drivers for deep energy renovation: iBROAD H2020 project kicks-off

Brussels, July 10, 2017 – iBROAD is a new project funded by the Horizon 2020 European programme, aimed at exploring,...
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