H2020 projects cluster event: united for better performing buildings

Five European projects, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme (ALDREN, HAPPEN, Fit-to-NZEB, iBRoad and TripleA-reno), have joined forces and collaborate as a cluster to emphasise the need for deep building renovation, bringing together different methods and tools to achieve this.

The joint event took place on 18 June, in Brussels, during the EU Sustainable Energy EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), in the context of the Architects’ Council of Europe EUSEW Energy day on “Quality architecture for sustainable and high-­performing buildings”. The cluster event focused on voluntary certification schemes and other integrated approaches in support of the deep renovation of buildings.

The projects presented complementary perspectives and solutions to meet the ambitious objectives of improving the energy performance of European buildings, as required by the Paris Climate Agreement. The event was considered a success, with the collaboration of several projects making it more attractive in the framework of the EUSEW. In addition, the entire event was recorded by the BUILD UP platform for future dissemination. The cooperation of the five projects will continue in respect to their common technical and scientific scope.

Find the event presentations and the video here.

Photo credits: Larissa De Rosso – ACE