Developing modules

Developing modules and key approaches

iBroad delivers the main modules necessary for individual building renovation roadmaps and logbooks, further used as a toolkit for adaptation to pilot countries’ national specifications, in consultation with implementation organisations (e.g., public administrations and agencies or policy makers). Key modules and concepts include:

  • Simplified standardised calculation procedures for techno-economic assessment of measures and renovation roadmaps in line with relevant norms (e.g., EN ISO 52016, EN ISO 52000-1:2015) and for various types of indicators (e.g., energy needs, delivered energy, primary energy, CO2-emissions and different economic indicators).
  • Flexible database structure and generic database on techno-economic data, building specific data, etc.
  • Structure and modules of the logbook-components
  • User interface and graphical presentation of results
  • Specific advice for staged renovations.

This modular approach allows for flexibility and facilitates other countries in their decision to establish an iBRoad system in the future.