The iBRoad tools structure

The iBRoad project intends to explore, design, develop and demonstrate the concept of individual building renovation roadmaps, outlining a deep step-by-step renovation plan with customised recommendations for individual buildings (the Renovation Roadmap), combined with a repository of building-related information (the Logbook). In this context, iBRoad develops IT solutions which support the implementation of the Renovation Roadmap and Logbook. This requires a set of techno-economic modules for assessing the impact of the proposed renovation steps. Moreover, the data flow between these modules and the data repository needs to be clarified.

The report “The iBRoad tools structure” describes the way in which techno-economic assessment modules can be integrated into the individual building renovation roadmap (iBRoad) concept. Different calculation and assessment approaches are described, as well as the possible data transfer procedures between the modules and the required database structure. The techno-economic assessment in this report concerns mainly the impact of the proposed renovation steps on the energy demand, related CO2 emissions, share of renewables, etc., on economic indicators and relevant co-benefit aspects (e.g., well-being, health and productivity).

Download the Report here.