Test driving the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook

The iBRoad individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook were field-tested in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal from March to May 2019. In parallel, the iBRoad Logbook was also field-tested in Germany. During the field test, 15 – 20 buildings per pilot country were examined in cooperation with certified local energy auditors. The local energy agencies, KAPE, EnEffect and ADENE, managed the field tests in their respective countries and strongly supported the implementation. The design and execution of the field tests are described in the “Report on Experiences of the iBRoad Field Test”.

In order to evaluate the field test results, detailed questionnaires for the participating homeowners and energy auditors were created, collected and analysed. A total of 98 questionnaires were collect and evaluated – 50 homeowners’ questionnaires and 48 energy auditors’ questionnaires.

The Report on Implementation and Evaluation of iBRoad in the Pilot Countries is the direct follow-up of the report on the iBRoad field test experience. While the first report shows the setting and preparation of the field tests and overall experiences, this report presents the findings of the field test implementation and evaluation by homeowners and auditors involved.

Download the Report here