My path towards an energy efficient home – Layman’s report

Renovating a building can be complex, especially if done in several steps, as most home renovations in Europe are. To help homeowners, iBRoad has worked on the Building Renovation Passport concept, developing and testing an Individual Building Renovation Roadmap, which provides a customised long-term (5-30 years) renovation plan. This is further supported by a building Logbook –a repository of information such as building plans, works implemented, energy consumption and production, etc.

iBRoad’s tools and methods have been successfully tested in Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland and Portugal –plus Germany for the Logbook. Feedback has been positive and confirms the usefulness for both homeowners and professional auditors.

The iBRoad report “My path towards an energy efficient home” briefly summarises the project’s work and outcomes in layman’s terms, while directing to comprehensive resources for anyone wanting to find out more.

You may download the report from here.