iBRoad Stakeholders’ Forum

Key Notes and Findings

The iBRoad Report “iBRoad Stakeholders’ Forum” contains the outcomes and key notes of the iBROAD Forum Platform.

The iBRoad Forum was developed and operated within the project’s website and served as an e-venue for facilitating participation, interaction, and matchmaking between relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders were invited to provide feedback, comments, as well as to share their practical knowledge and ideas with the main aim to enrich the project’s procedures.

The iBRoad Forum gathered stakeholders and interested parties representing all target groups that have been identified as important from the beginning of the project. The members do not only represent the countries that are participating in the project but also other EU countries as well as experts coming from non-EU areas. This can be interpreted as a high interest for solutions that can efficiently support the staged deep renovations of the buildings, taking into consideration the needs and wills of the building owners.

You may download the report here.