iBRoad Policy Brief

A guideline for implementing Building Renovation Passports and Building Logbooks

iBRoad – the individual building renovation roadmap – is an energy consulting product for building owners. It offers guidance on improving the energy efficiency and overall performance of the building, and monitoring of renovation works already carried out. In parallel, it provides a clear perspective to reaching climate targets.

In relation to European provisions, the Building Renovation Passport (BRP) breaks down the Climate Target Plan from the entire building stock to individual buildings. BRPs are an important pillar to boost the Renovation Wave. The individual Member States’ long-term strategies direct funding to targeted measures and avoid deviations and lock-in situations in renovation.

As for the iBRoad Renovation Roadmap, it provides a ready-to-use solution for the BRP as announced in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). It can adapt to specific national requirements and therefore offers a unified design, making the BRP a recognisable concept throughout all Member States.

The iBRoad Logbook provides a ready-to-use solution for the Digital Building Logbook, as announced in the Renovation Wave. It allows the set-up of an EPC register. A central EPC database is the core element of an effective EPC quality assurance scheme, which also enables an ex-post evaluation of the Renovation Wave and other policy instruments. As the iBRoad Logbook also contains BRP data, it allows a preview into the future development of the building stock.

The iBRoad Policy Brief includes recommendations for action and offers a guideline on how to implement Building Renovation Passports and Building Logbooks. It outlines the steps needed to implement the iBRoad concept, includes tools for implementing iBRoad at the level of authorities and on governmental level, highlights the prerequisites for the introduction of iBRoad, and provides information on embedding iBRoad into the policy framework.

A supportive policy surrounding refers mainly to three basic fields of action: informational, economic and regulatory instruments. When embedded in a supportive policy surrounding, the recommendations of the building roadmap will, with a high probability, be implemented and practically transferred into renovation activity.

You may download the report here.