Beyond the single-family house

Potential extension of iBRoad to other building types

The Report “Beyond the single-family House: Potential extension of iBRoad to other building types” explores how iBRoad methods can be useful for deep stepwise renovation in multi-family and non-residential buildings and describes how the iBRoad renovation roadmap and logbook, which were initially targeting single-family home owners, can be adapted to meet the requirements of other target groups. The share and characteristics of various market segments of the building stock in European countries, and specifically in the iBRoad pilot countries, were analysed.

The analysis shows that all building types considered in the report would benefit from having a long-term step-by-step renovation plan and logbook. Both the iBRoad roadmap and the iBRoad logbook for single-family houses can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of multi-family homes and non-residential buildings.

When it comes to existing policy instruments, there is hardly any instrument that supports stepwise renovation plans for the non-residential and multi-family market. For iBRoad to be implemented to multi-family and non-residential buildings in the pilot countries in the future, policy instruments would ideally have to be rearranged to specifically support step-wise renovations for these types of buildings.

You may download the report here.