Quantifying home renovation

This iBRoad output provides a default database supporting a generic techno-economic assessment of renovation measures. The default database consists of a...
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iBRoad develops code on energy demand calculation

The iBRoad project has made available an open-source programme for the techno-economic assessment of renovation measures and alternative renovation pathways of a building....
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The iBRoad training toolkit

The iBRoad Renovation Roadmap and Logbook are subjected to field testing in the pilot countries, Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal. By...
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iBRoad Handbook for Energy Auditors

Building renovation is often considered a burden usually associated with time-consuming planning, uncertainty about the costs and value of the...
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National adaptation of the iBRoad concept in five countries.

The report considers the national adaptation of the iBRoad concept in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Flanders and Germany, by analysing specific...
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The iBRoad Concept in practice

Report on suggested elements, content and layout of the iBRoad tools. The Report "The iBRoad Concept in practice" aims to...
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iBRoad Stakeholders Meetings

Key Notes and Findings of 1st physical events round The engagement of stakeholders during the development process of the iBRoad...
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The logbook data quest

Setting up indicators and other requirements for a renovation passport. The iBRoad project works on developing an Individual Building Renovation...
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Understanding Potential User Needs

A Survey Analysis of the Markets for Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal. The Report based on a...
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The Concept of the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap

An in-depth case study of four frontrunner projects. Roughly 97% of the European Union (EU)’s building stock, amounting to over...
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8 Country factsheets

Current use of Energy Performance Certificates in 8 EU countries and potential links to iBRoad The Energy Performance of Buildings...
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Stakeholders mapping

Identify national - EU Stakeholders Stakeholders mapping is the first and the most important step to identify the most appropriate...
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